Which energy suppliers use smart meters?

Smart meters are increasing in their usage year on year. It’s estimated that around 15 million homes across the UK have a smart meter installed, and when you add in the businesses that use them too, they’re definitely taking over. With millions being installed each year, the government is committed to switching the entire nation over to using a smart meter (it’s easy to see why if you check out our smart meter guide).

However, not everyone has caught up. There are still a decent amount of people that haven’t switched over to using a smart meter as of yet, but that’s unlikely down to the supplier. Here’s why.

Which energy suppliers use smart meters?

The truth is that in 2021, all of the main energy suppliers are not only using smart meters, but will actually install one for you for free. This includes;

… and many more. The government has said that they want all homes across the UK to be offered the chance to switch over to a smart meter by 2025, meaning that if you haven’t got one installed yet, it won’t be long until your energy supplier contacts you asking if you want one.

What to consider

Now, before you pick up the phone and rush to call your current energy supplier, you may want to hold your horses. Not all smart meters are created equal, and actually, switching over to the wrong type might be more of a hindrance if you plan to switching suppliers regularly.

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SMETS2 meters are the new standard – SMETS simply stands for Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications. Most suppliers out there now are offering these with your new energy deal, so you should be fine if you go with one of the bigger energy companies. However, some smaller energy companies are still installing the previous generation SMETS1.

The problem with this is that when you change companies, your meter won’t change with it. They don’t generally continue to work as a smart meter when switching from one supplier to another – they go back to being a ‘dumb’ meter.

This is pretty frustrating, especially if you’ve already gone through the hassle of getting an original smart meter installed. However, it’s definitely worth looking at getting a newer one, as nowadays it can really pay to change your energy deal on a regular basis.


In conclusion, all of the major energy suppliers in the UK now use smart meters as opposed to using your older standard meter. But some of them may still be using the previous generation of smart meter, which will not work with any other supplier than the one you signed up with. So, make sure that you check you’re getting the right meter installed, and if your supplier won’t support it in your area now, it may be worth waiting until they do.

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