Shell Energy Review | The Energy Company Formerly Known As First Utility

Shell are one of the biggest energy firms in the UK, and they’re just outside the big six in terms of market share. With so many different companies popping up like Bulb and Octopus, it can be really difficult to know which would be best for you.

But are there advantages to opting to go with Shell Energy, as opposed to other brands out there? Well, they have a large customer base, so you’d have to assume they’re doing something right. Let’s look at them in a little closer detail and see how they compare to other energy suppliers you can choose.

Shell Energy Review

Who are Shell?

As a whole, Shell have been around for more than 100 years, primarily involved in the oil industry. They’re a global brand, but it wasn’t until recently that they decided to take on the UK energy market.

As you might be aware, First Utility was actually bought by Shell a few years ago, and they rebranded the already successful company under their own name. First Utility had a lot of success in chasing the big six energy suppliers, and were known for being the biggest energy company outside of those. So, it was a brave move to rebrand them completely, even though Shell already have their own reputation themselves.

Nowadays, Shell are still hot on the heels on the biggest energy companies in the UK. They’re mission is to try and use 100% renewable energy across their UK base, with an emphasis on their smart home technology, and making your home completely smart.

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Shell Pricing & Tariffs

With Shell, you have the option of selecting between their different tariffs. Their main selections will give you either a 15 month, a 25 month or a 3 year fixed tariff. This is what most people often go for, as it represents the best value for money out of any of their products.

However, if you want to opt for a flexible deal, then you can do this as well. This will typically be more expensive than a fixed price, but it does mean you aren’t locked into any long term contract.

Can I get a smart meter with Shell Energy?

If you’re not already using a smart meter, then now is the time to switch to one. All of the energy companies across the UK will provide you with a free smart meter that they’ll come and install in your house when you switch over. There’s no reason not to opt for a smart meter nowadays, as even if you don’t use their smart functionality, they just work like a regular meter!

What is Shell’s customer Service like?

Although First Utility didn’t have the best reputation on Trust Pilot, this shouldn’t be a reflection on Shell’s customer service, as they’re a much bigger company with the ability to deal with any issues that you have a lot quicker.

Is Shell a good company?

As the biggest gas stations supplier in the UK, it’s fair to say that they’re one of the larger brands to enter into the UK market in terms of energy. They’ve built upon the great foundations that First Utility set before them, so they’re known to be one of the better companies to opt for.

Can I switch to Shell Energy easily?

If you’re looking to switch over your energy contract to Shell, then all you have to do is contact the company and let them know that you’re looking to do so. From here, they should be able to get in touch with your current energy supplier and let them know you’re looking to switch, and everything can be done before the month is finished.

Can I cancel my contract with Shell?

If you’re not happy with your energy deal with Shell Energy, then it’s very easy for you to cancel your contract and move elsewhere. All you need to do is get in touch with them to get the ball rolling.


In conclusion, Shell Energy is likely to continue to close the gap between itself and the big six over the coming years. It won’t be without it’s own competition however, with companies like Bulb and Octopus growing year on year too. So, it’s only going to get more competitive in the UK energy space.

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