We Help UK Residents Save Money On Energy

How We Got Started

Born in 2007, Energy Sanity was a result of constant disappointment when switching energy suppliers.

Overpaying for your energy bills is something that’s happened to everyone – even us. Fortunately, with more than a hundred suppliers on the market, we have more choices than ever.

Any many of those competitors are having a real go at competing with the big energy companies. So, we’re here to try and help you know which is right for you.


World-Class Team

Jack Williams


Jack is the founder of Energy Sanity. He has been analyzing the energy industry for over a decade now. His data-driven analysis has helped thousands save money on electricity bills. Jack holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Energy Economics.

carlos huerta

Carlos Huerta


Electrical Engineer with a background in residential and commercial solar energy installations. Carlos is a technical writer for papers, articles, and research in energy sustainability. He brings a decade of experience digging into energy data to save customers money.

Our Mission and Goals

Help readers find a cheap UK energy deal

Ensure complete honesty and integrity

Break any new energy news

Promote renewable energy as the future

Maintain a good relationship with readers

What We’re Doing


Energy Companies Analyzed


Informative Guides


Users saved money

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