We help you save money on your UK energy bill

Searching outside the big six companies can get you a cheaper deal. We’re here to help keep them in check.

Energy Sanity covers British Gas as a UK energy supplier
Energy Sanity covers e-On as a UK energy supplier
Energy Sanity covers ED Energy as a UK energy supplier
Energy Sanity covers PFP Energy as a UK energy supplier
Energy Sanity covers Scottish Power as a UK energy supplier
Energy Sanity covers Shell Energy as a UK energy supplier

Why EnergySanity?

Our mission is to help you save money on your energy bills.

Save Money

Using our easy-to-use UK energy supplier tools, you can find a cheaper provider in no time. We provide all the details upfront so you are not left guessing.


We don’t just provide you with options to save money; we educate you so you are prepared. We help you understand what goes into your bills.

Energy Experts

We have a combined 50+ years of experience in the industry. We’ve seen it all and use our knowledge to help advise you on how to save money.

UK Energy Supplier Reviews

Not sure where to start? View our in-depth reviews of each supplier.

UK Energy Guides

Make sure to educate yourself about electricity with out in-depth guides.

How We Got Started

Born in 2007, the Energy Sanity was a result of constant disappointment when switching energy suppliers.

Overpaying for your energy bills is something that’s happened to everyone – even us. Fortunately, with more than a hundred suppliers on the market, we have more choices than ever.

Many of those competitors are having a real go at competing with the big energy companies. So, we’re here to try and help you know which is right for you.


How We Save You Money


Energy Companies Analyzed


Informative Guides on Saving Energy


People Saved Money

Our Experts Can Help

Supplier Reviews

Explore the pros and cons of the best energy suppliers in the UK.

Energy Guides

Explore the detailed guides to help you save energy in your UK home.

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