iSupply Energy Review | What’s happened to iSupply?

When you’re looking for a new energy deal, then the amount of different suppliers out there can be a little overwhelming. There’s more than 170+ different suppliers to choose from, so it can be difficult to know which one of these would suit your needs best. One of these companies is iSupply, who have been one of the more successful companies outside of the big six in the last few years.

But who are iSupply, and are they worth you switching your energy over to them? Well, we’re going to look at the company in a little closer detail and see how they measure up in comparison to other energy brands on the market.

iSupply Energy Review

Who Are iSupply?

iSupply are actually a subsidiary of Vattenfall, who are known for having power generating farms up and down the UK. They’re actually owned by the Swedish government, and one of their UK companies is iSupply. They own not only wind farms across the UK, but also a lot of energy charging points too (like Tesla car charging ports).

As of 2020, all of iSupply’s customers have been moved to EDF energy, as the company has been sold and the original owners of iSupply are moving out of the UK energy market. For the time being, iSupply are still their own brand and separate from EDF. We’re not sure how this will play out in the future, but it’s probably worth checking our review of EDF, as this is effectively who would be running your energy supply nowadays.

* Looking back at this now, iSupply eventually went bust and needed another energy company to bail them out. It’s pretty competitive out there for companies buying out others, as we can see with all the recent acquisitions that Octopus have made with other companies. Eventually though, all of the clients of iSupply ended up being switched over to EDF without any hassle, and most customers won’t have experienced any downtime with their energy either.

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Pricing & Tariffs

In the past, iSupply were known for their very simple pricing structure and tariffs that you could opt for. Nowadays, with EDF you have a ot more option to choose from.

The most popular tariff is the two year fixed rate, which tends to provide the best value for money of any of their tariffs. But, there are also flexible rate tariffs that you can opt for too, as well as special tariffs that you can opt fr that will cover your boiler and other in house appliances.

Can I use my smart meter with iSupply?

Like most younger companies in the energy field, iSupply advise that you switch your meter over to a smart meter. You can do this for free nowadays with any energy supplier in the UK, and there’s literally no reason not to do this. Even if you moved to a company that wasn’t compatible with your smart meter, it would still work as a manual meter anyway.

What is iSupply’s customer Service like?

Now that iSupply is EDF energy, we want to look at their customer service record. And if we compare it to the rest of the big six energy companies, then actually EDF have a pretty great track record with their customers and a good reputation online. They have an average 4.3/5 with more than 10,000 reviews on Trustpilot, so they must be doing something right!

Is iSupply a good company?

iSupply have always been a good company to opt for because they’re totally committed to using renewable energy to power our homes across Europe. So, you can be sure that they wouldn’t have sold up to EDF if they also weren’t committed to a renewable future.

Is it easy to switch to iSupply?

If you’re looking to switch your energy company, then it’s easier now that it ever has been. All you need to do is contact your favoured energy supplier and let them know that you’re looking to switch to them. From here, they should take care of everything for you, and you won’t have anything else to worry about.

How can I cancel my contract with iSupply?

If you’re already with iSupply, then all of your contract and details will now be under the control of EDF. So, get in contact with them if you’re looking to cancel your energy contract.


All in all, it’s no surprise that growing companies like iSupply are being bought up by the bigger energy companies out there. Although these growing companies can provide great value for money for those looking for cheap energy, sometimes it’s best for them to merge into part of a bigger company as opposed to keep chasing them.

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