EDF Energy Review | Are they the best of the big energy firms?

When we’re talking about the big players in the energy market, then automatically people start talking about brands like British Gas and SSE. Whilst they aren’t the biggest out there, EDF do make up one of the Big Six energy suppliers, and they tend to have a pretty good reputation with their customer base too.

But are EDF Energy a good company to join in the present? Or can you find better details out there by joining up with smaller companies? Well, let’s take a look at EDF in 2020 and see how good their reputation is nowadays.

EDF Energy Review

Who Are EDF Energy?

The likelihood is that you’ve heard of EDF Energy before. They have more than 5 million different customers across the UK, and to date they have the 4th largest percentage of market share amongst the big six (trailing only British Gas, E-on and SSE (who have been bought out by OVO Energy).

The company have been going for almost 20 years now, and they’ve amassed a good amount of customers to go with their 12,000+ workforce. Around a decade ago they actually bought out British Energy, which made them one of the largest generators of energy in the UK, as well as one of the biggest suppliers.

Although they’re a big company, they are suffering a similar fate to many of the other larger energy companies. Whilst they still have a large market share, it’s slowly declining whilst new, cheaper energy companies are taking the lead (Bulb and Octopus are at the forefront of this).

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EDF Pricing & Tariffs

If you’re wondering how EDF’s pricing and tariff system works, then it’s a little different than many of the other brands out there. Instead of the most popular option being a 1 year fixed rate, the most popular tariffs that EDF offer is a 2 year fixed tariff. You can still get some of the cheapest rates that EDF offer with this tariff.

As well as this, there are a variety of different variable rates that the company offer too. These variable rates can be good if you’re looking for something with no exit fee, so they tend to lend themselves well to rented properties.

Something that EDF do that most other companies don’t is offer a Smart Home package. This includes some lightbulbs and an Amazon Echo, and is intended for those who are looking to make their home smart. You can also get a smart meter fitted with this package, if you do not have one installed already.

Are EDF a good supplier?

EDF are commonly said to be the best supplier out of the big six suppliers, and I wouldn’t argue with that. Whilst you can likely get cheaper rates elsewhere, EDF are reliable in the long term and if you find a good deal with them, then they could be your best bet.

Does EDF use renewable energy?

Although EDF does not use 100% renewable energy like some of the energy companies out there, they are making significant efforts to use more and more renewable energy. In terms of the big companies, they are one of the market leaders in this field.

Is EDF the most expensive energy supplier?

EDF is definitely not the most expensive energy supplier out there, but like the other 5 big companies, they’re not going to be the cheapest either. If you’re looking for the cheapest deal, then your best bet is to opt for a smaller brand that has something to prove.

Is EDF a French company?

Actually yes, EDF is the subsidiary of a larger company called EDF, which stands for Électricité de France. They are primarily owned by the French state, and have been around since the end of the Second World War.

Is EDF better than British Gas?

This question really depends on your perspective on both of them. British Gas are the larger company, and currently use more renewable energy than EDF. However in the long term, it’s likely that EDF will overtake British Gas in terms of renewable energy usage soon, as they are more committed to the green cause.


All in all, EDF are a good, reliable company that many people have been relying on for years. Whilst they’ll never offer the cheapest rates on the market, for some people that isn’t the most important thing. Their reliability and pretty decent customer service has kept their client base strong for the past 20 years, and there’s no signs of them dying off any time soon.

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