Co-op Energy Review | What happened to Co-op Energy?

When you’re looking for a good energy deal, there a ton of suppliers out there for us to choose from. In fact, it can be a little confusing with so many different options, with many different brands that you might not even recognize. However, one big name that you definitely will recognize are Co-op Energy, who have many different areas that operate under the Co-op name.

But can Co-op energy really compare to the more expensive energy companies out there, and can they help you to get a cheaper energy bill? Well, we’re going to look at the brand in a little closer detail to see how good they are at supplying energy.

Co-op Energy Review

Who Are Co-op Energy?

Unlike what many people think, Co-op isn’t just one big brands that runs everything. They’re made up of much smaller brands and singular investors, and there are many different branches of the company. The energy company branch of Co-op is run by the Midcounties Co-operative group, which is only a small part of the entire businesses.

Co-op energy has grown so quickly for one main reason – acquiring other businesses customers. In 2016, the firm GB Energy were collapsing, so Co-op energy picked up their 160,000 customer base. And in 2018, they bought out Flow Energy, which added another 130,000 customers to it’s portfolio.

Then, in 2019, it was announced that all of the customers that were being supplied by Co-op energy would now be transferred over to the ever growing Octopus Energy. So, it’s probably worth you check out our review of Octopus, as this is the new brand that are taking on customers of the Co-op.

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Co-op Pricing & Tariffs

Like most other energy companies out there, they offer both a fixed tariff and a flexible tariff too. A fixed tariff can give you more security, as you’ll be paying the same rate for it’s duration. A flexible tariff can prove advantageous if the overall energy costs dip across the board, but they can just as easily increase too.

Their 12 month fixed tariff is typically one of the cheapest and most popular. But, you can also consider their green tariff, which is committed to using 100% renewable energy.

Can I use a smart meter with Co-op energy?

Now that it’s Octopus Energy, then you’ll likely be encouraged to use a smart meter and if you don’t have one, then they will suggest that you get one installed. You should be able to use your current smart meter with this energy company with no problems

What is Co-op’s customer service like?

They are well known for their strong customer service, which should be able to resolve any problems that you have swiftly.

Is Co-op a good company?

Generally, the Co-op is a very good company to opt for, as it is trusted by it’s millions of different users across the United Kingdom. There are several different branches and businesses under the Co-op name, but not all of these have the same owners, so bear this in mind beforehand.

Is it easy to switch to Co-op energy?

If you’re looking to make the switch, then all you need to do is reach out to the company and let them know that you want to switch to their service. For there, they can get in touch with your current company andget the ball rolling, and it can all be sorted within a few weeks.

Can I cancel my contract with Co-op?

If you want to cancel your contract with the company, then it is fairly striaghtforward for you to do so. All you have to do it get in touch with Octopus and tell them that you want to cancel your energy supply, or you can contact your new energy supplier and have them do this for you. If you want to move to a pay as you go energy supplier, then it’s worth looking at Utilita Energy, who are the best for PAYG deals.


All in all, the Co-op energy forming part of Octopus Energy is likely to be a good thing for us as consumers. As the small brands outside the big six form together and get larger and larger, we can be sure that our energy bill is ultimately going to go down and down. With more companies out there competing to fulfil your energy needs, it’s no surprise that many of them are merging together.

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