Together Energy Review – Plans, Pricing, Comparison, FAQ

Together Energy was one of the largest small energy suppliers in the UK. This company had deep community and ethical values, and it often attempted to make a difference both for its customers and employees. The company had relatively low tariffs for gas & electricity, under their fixed or variable tariffs.

Figure 1: Together Energy logo – Source: Together Energy

Since the first quarter of 2022, Together Energy ceased trading as an energy supplier. To help you know what will happen to you as a client or to know a little more about this busted energy supplier, in this article we review everything about Together Energy, including their latest available tariffs, fuel mix, and more. 

Who is Together Energy? 

Together Energy was a UK energy supplier which focused on providing quality services for customers at affordable prices, and improving the lives of their workers with a series of empowering strategies. This company was an operating subsidiary of Total Energy Limited, which is a company owned and controlled by Warrington Borough Council and Paul Scott Richards.

This energy supplier formerly based in Clydebank was first founded in 2016 and had been operating in the energy market ever since until 2022. In just a little more than 5 years since its creation, the reputation of Together Energy rapidly grew due to its quality products, affordable prices, top quality customer service, and several other points in favor, allowing the company to manage in total more than 170,000 customers.

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Together Energy had a deep ethical and moral values, mainly focused on the community. The company used to take part in several initiatives and non-profit charities, and other institutions, bringing job opportunities and better education for employees. This company used to collaborate with Cash for Kids, Street League, University of Strathclyde, Living Wage Employer, and West Dunbartonshire Working 4Business.

Most of the employees of the company were hired from the 10% poorest postcodes. The company was constantly investing in further educating employees, allowing up to 5 employees a year to acquire a degree at a Business School. The company also used to focus on providing a balance between work and personal life, on top of providing private healthcare to all the staff.

Sadly for potential customers looking to hire this company for their service or people looking to work on the company, since 18th January 2022, the company informed their customers that they were ceasing trade as an energy supplier

Together Energy Market Share

Until it ceased operations as an energy supplier, Together Energy delivered energy to 170,000 customers. Since this is a relatively small number of customers compared to the UK total, the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem), the energy market regulator, placed the company among the small energy suppliers in the UK. This means that Ofgem did not release specific public numbers for the retail market that Together Energy held while it was operating. 

Figure 2: Electricity supply market shares by company – Source: Ofgem

Even though there are no public numbers released by Ofgem about the percentage of the retail market shares controlled by Together Energy, this number can be estimated. The UK has around 28 million electricity customers in total, since Together Energy held around 170,000 of those customers, the company held around 0.60% of the electricity retail market in the UK when it ceased operations.

While this might not seem like such a large number, in the past, around 2011, the combined market share held by companies outside the Big Six was only 1%. Since 2011 up to the first quarter of 2016, that number increased to 13%. 

What Tariffs & Plans Does Together Energy Offer?

When Together Energy was providing services, it had different plans for customers looking to be supplied with gas & electricity by them. Their latest plans were two types of fixed plans and one variable set of tariffs. These are the following: 

Green Together Fixed October 22 v1

One of the two latest fixed plans Together Energy offered is the Green Together Fixed October 22 v1 plan. Customers that chose this plan got fixed electricity & gas rates, whether it be for regular meters or Economy 7 (E7) meters, which varied between night and day hours. The electricity price was fixed for 12 months, and it varied between regions.

RegionElec Standing Charge (p/day)Elec Unit Rate (p/KWh)Gas Standing Charge (p/day)Gas Unit Rate (p/KWh)E7 Standing Charge (p/day)E7 Day Unit Rate (p/KWh)E7 Night Unit Rate (p/KWh)
East Midlands28.1739.7123.7212.3428.4140.9634.61
Scottish Hydro32.2240.3623.7212.1432.4941.4635.12
Scottish Power29.440.3423.7212.1429.6441.534.87

Table 1: Tariffs for the Green Together Fixed October 22 v1 plan – Source: Together Energy

The standing charge for gas & electricity is also known as the cost for the Value Added Tax (VAT), which was the daily cost charged by Together Energy to customers for having these services. The exit fee per fuel for this plan was set at ÂŁ30.

Green Together 25 November 23 v 1

The other fixed plan that was available when Together Energy ceased operating, was the Green Together 25 November23 v1 plan. This plan allowed customers to fix their electrical & gas tariffs for their homes by up to 25 months. Like in the previous plan, there were different prices for E7 meters and regular meters, which allowed customers to choose the best fit for them. 

RegionElec Standing Charge (p/day)Elec Unit Rate (p/KWh)Gas Standing Charge (p/day)Gas Unit Rate (p/KWh)E7 Standing Charge (p/day)E7 Day Unit Rate (p/KWh)E7 Night Unit Rate (p/KWh)
East Midlands28.332.6823.829.3428.5333.7727.97
Scottish Hydro32.3733.5323.829.2132.6434.628.46
Scottish Power29.5333.4623.829.2129.7834.5428.29

Table 2: Tariffs for the Green Together 25 November 23 v1 plan – Source: Together Energy

Like in the previous plan, the standing charge for gas and electricity stood for the value of the daily VAT charged by the company. The exit fee for this plan was set at £75 per fuel. 

Freedom Variable

Finally, the last plan for Together Energy customers was the Freedom Variable. This is not technically a plan, but the name given by the company to the set of variable tariffs. Customers who were not under any tariff scheme or their scheme ended without them entering a new one, fell under these tariffs. 

RegionElec Standing Charge (p/day)Elec Unit Rate (p/KWh)Gas Standing Charge (p/day)Gas Unit Rate (p/KWh)E7 Standing Charge (p/day)E7 Day Unit Rate (p/KWh)E7 Night Unit Rate (p/KWh)
East Midlands22.6319.3424.873.7922.7121.2813.83
Scottish Hydro26.0919.8424.873.8126.1722.0414.32
Scottish Power23.6819.4224.873.8123.7621.4213.92

Table 3: Variable tariffs of the Freedom Variable plan – Source: Together Energy

This is the last update for these tariffs to the date the company ceased trading. There was no exit fee for exiting these tariffs since it was a variable plan.

Together Energy Pros & Cons

Together Energy was a company with quite a few controversial opinions about it. While Together Energy focused on empowering employees, being transparent, and delivering renewable energy, there were also several cons to the company. Here we list most of the pros and cons that Together Energy had as an energy supplier. 


  • It stated that it delivered 100% renewable electricity since 2020.
  • It was a company with deep values and focuses on the community.
  • Together Energy was transparent about their tariffs in different regions.
  • There were several fixed tariff plans to choose from.
  • The tariffs were relatively low when compared to other electricity suppliers.
  • The company supported regular, E7, and prepaid meters.
  • There was a free call line to provide energy-saving and efficient advice for customers.


Together Energy vs So Energy vs Outfox The Market

If you are looking to switch to the best and most popular UK energy suppliers, there is a big chance that you found several quality companies like So Energy, Outfox the Market, and Together Energy. First and foremost, you must know that Together Energy ceased trading, meaning that you cannot switch to this company anymore.

While there is no chance to pick Together Energy as your new gas & electricity supplier, we will compare the three companies nonetheless. This will give you a better contrast to know which UK energy supplier would be a good substitute for Together Energy, especially if you were a Together Energy customer and will need to move to another one, now that it ceased operations: 

Fuel Mix

The first point to consider is the fuel mix. Luckily for energy customers looking to use clean energy, all three of these companies operate with 100% renewable energy. 

Meter Support

A point where Together Energy was the unbeatable winner is on the variety of meters the company used to support. While So Energy and Outfox the Market only support regular, smart, and E7 meters, Together Energy used to support all of those options, aside from prepaid meters, being the only of these three choices that customers with prepaid meters could have picked. 

Customer Popularity & Ranking

While there are several points in favor of Together Energy, popularity was not one of them. So Energy and Outfox the Market are very popular companies, while Together Energy during its last year was lacking in this regard. According to Which?, Outfox the Market is the best energy supplier, So Energy is the 6th best company, while Together Energy was listed as the 20th out of 34 companies. 


It is also important to compare fixed prices for each company. Outfox the Market is the most expensive of the three, with tariffs that round the 50p per kWh consumed, varying the specific price on the region. Together Energy was the next best company in this matter, with the unit rate varying between 39.53p – 41.9p per kWh consumed. Finally, So Energy fulfills its low Price Commitment, with prices ranging between 20.07p – 21.98p per kWh consumed, varying the price with the region.

Customer Service

Together Energy was a company focused on the community, which is why they tried to provide adequate customer service. There were several complaints regarding the billing system and other factors, but customer service was initially one of their strong points.

According to Which?, Together Energy was the fastest company to answer the phone to their customers. People calling this company could get in contact with Customer Service in as little as 51 seconds, which is much faster than most companies.

However, while the speed to answer calls was extremely fast, the quality of the service ended being not as good. Many customers in Trustpilot complained over the years about the poor service in general, especially regarding phantom debts and fines that should not be charged. 

Customer Reviews

Although Together Energy aimed to be a UK electricity supplier with a deep focus on the community, this company was not the most popular one among its customers. In general, the company had a 50/50 popularity, since many customers felt satisfied with the service, but many others do not felt like they are getting the value for their money.

According to surveys performed by the Warrington government, Together Energy was ranked as the 20th best company out of 34. This company outstood mainly due to its response time to customers.

Another site ranking Together Energy is Trustpilot. Around 12,524 customers rated this company, giving it a total score of 3.1 out of 5. According to the surveys, 40% of the customers thought that this company was excellent or great, 9% think that it was average or poor, while 51% of the customers thought that the company was poor due to several reasons. 

How Green Is Together Energy’s Energy

Together Energy was a company stating that it delivered 100% renewable energy to its customer. While this company states in its Fuel Mix that the energy sold to their customers is renewable, there is no trace as to what type of clean energy they were buying. This means that the company could just be buying Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO), which is not the same as buying actual renewable energy.

The suspicion that Together Energy was not buying 100% renewable energy but getting REGOs, is supported by a provisional order issued by Ofgem to the company, because of its unfulfilled Renewable Obligations (RO). If this is true, it means that while the company was fulfilling its renewable obligations by buying renewable energy, it was not actually delivering 100% renewable energy to its customers. 

Together Energy’s Digital Presence

Together Energy was a UK energy supplier with a strong digital presence. You could find information about this company, their service, and their products in general, in their different social networks:

While these are the three main social networks of the company, you could also contact them via phone call or email.

  • Customer service number  0141 846 1520
  • Sales & Renewals number 0141 846 1521
  • Email [email protected].

Some of these contact options are still available, since the company is still transitioning their clients to another company picked by Ofgem. 

Can I Switch To Together Energy? 

Sadly for customers looking to pick Together Energy as their new electricity supplier, this will not be possible anymore. Since 18th January 2022, this company published a statement on their website, stating that they were ceasing trade as an energy supplier in the UK.

As of this date, there is no information as to what company will take on the customers of Together Energy. Ofgem will be setting a new electricity supplier to Together Energy customers on Monday 24th January 2022. Customers of this company should be aware as to make readings to their meters and look forward to next steps on how to change to their new electricity supplier.

Ofgem is advising Together Energy customers not to change suppliers at this time. All of the accounts from Together Energy will be sent to the new supplier. If you want to switch to another supplier, wait until you are a customer of your new electricity supplier and then make the switch. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Why Did Together Energy Go Bust?

Together Energy had been facing economic problems due to the UK energy crisis and was looking for an emergency investor to survive January 2022. Regrettably, for this company, the investor could not be found and since 18th January 2022, the company stated that it was ceasing trading. More information about the account transfer for customers will be published on their website on 24th January 2022. 

Did Together Energy have exit fees?

Yes, Together Energy had exit fees in place for customers that were subscribed to fixed tariff plans and wanted to exit them. If you were under one of these fixed tariffs and wanted to switch companies, you would have to pay exit fees ranging between £50 and £75. Since Together Energy went bust, these tariffs will not be applied anymore, and you will be switched to a new company soon. 

Did Together Energy supply smart meters?

Together Energy supported smart meters and supplied them in several of the regions where they provided service. Since this company went bust, they will not be supplying smart meters anymore to their customers.

Verdict on Together Energy

Together Energy stood at its beginning as a great energy supplier. This company was deeply focused on providing a good quality of life to their workers and customers alike. They also associated with some non-profit organizations to donate money, and they worked on providing better education for their workers, especially since they hired among the 10% poorest postcodes in the country.

While this company aimed to be ethical and deliver a good quality of service, they did not provide the best service for their customers in the end. There were many complaints regarding phantom bills, incongruent debts, bills that were never delivered, and many other factors that made the company deliver a poor performance in general.

Together Energy stated that they delivered 100% renewable energy, however, most likely the company only bought REGOs to claim this. Since the company most likely bought gas-generated energy, it could not survive the UK energy crisis, making it go bust in the first quarter of the year. If the company had bought clean energy from the beginning, the chance of surviving this crisis would have increased for them.

Even though Together Energy aimed poorly for some customers, many could have still considered switching to this company, however, this will not be possible anymore. Since the company is going bust, all of its customers will be switched to a new UK energy supplier in the following months, which is why we recommend current customers of the company to be aware of any news from Together Energy. 

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