So Energy Review – Green Energy Tariffs, Pricing, FAQ

So Energy is a fairly new and small energy supplier in the UK. The company started in 2015, and in a very small time, it has made quite an impression on UK energy customers, because it has been rapidly growing to become one of the most popular energy suppliers in the UK. 

Figure 1: So Energy logo – Source: So Energy

This company is friendly and polite with their customers, delivers accurate bills, and best of all, they supply 100% renewable energy. In this article, we do a full analysis of this company, to understand its background, see how good it is, and learn all about it. 

Who is So Energy? 

So Energy came to life as the initiative of Charlie Davies and Simon Oscroft, two school friends who decided to fund a company that helped UK energy customers. Both young entrepreneurs discovered that the UK energy industry had a wide variety of problems, including poor customer service, a lack of green energy generation, prices that were not competitive, and several other faults.

Both partners decided to create a green energy company that focused on providing the best customer service and competitive prices. So Energy was first established in 2015, operating at first with only two employees.

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To provide the best service, one of the pillars of So Energy is to only sell green energy. To do this, the fuel mix of the company is comprised of electric power coming from renewable sources like hydro, wind, solar, and biomass energy. All of these energy sources are generated in different locations around the UK.

Due to its extremely good work and outstanding customer service, So Energy was recognized with the Hounslow Business Award of the London Borough of Hounslow. As proof of its excellent service to customers, the company has grown to have a portfolio comprised of 200,000 energy customers in the UK.

Looking to expand its business and adapt to the new technologies, So Energy partnered with Morrison Data and Axpo UK. Morrison Data now handles the smart readings, data management, and installation of smart meters to customers in the UK, while Apox UK helps the company access market commodities and a wider mix of renewable energy sources. 

So Energy Market Share

In the past, specifically around 2008, the Big Six, which are the six larger UK energy suppliers, held around 99% of the energy market share. Since 2011, the UK energy market share has started to shift as new energy companies with better customer service have entered the industry. 

Figure 1: Energy Market Share up to Q4 2021 – Source: Ofgem

While So Energy is considered a small supplier, Ofgem has not released official numbers to its market share, but this does not mean we cannot estimate it. The UK has around 23 million electricity customers, meaning that So Energy supplying electricity to around 200,000 customers, holds an estimate of 0.71% of the retail energy market. 

What Tariffs & Plans Does So Energy Offer?

So Energy aims to deliver the best for their customers, which is why they have very simple tariffs & plans in place. Currently, this company has one variable tariff plan and one fixed-rate tariff plan.

This UK energy supplier has a Low Price Commitment with their customers, stating that their tariffs will always be among the 10% cheapest UK energy tariffs for electricity customers, disregarding the type of energy. In the figure below, you can see how these tariffs have changed in the past, calculating annual bills at the average UK consumption (4,000 kWh a year in electricity and 19,000 kWh in gas). 

Figure 2: So Energy prices compared to other electricity suppliers – Source: So Energy

To know which plan is the best for you, here we explain each available option with the latest prices that the company has established. 

So Flex

The So Flex tariff is the flexible or variable tariff available for So Energy customers. Customers will fall under this plan if they do not choose a fixed tariff plan, or their plan ends without them choosing a new one. There are three variations for this plan, single rate electricity, single rate gas, and 2 rates for electricity (day and night).

The available prices for this plan since 1st October 2021 for the different UK regions are the following: 

AreaFuelStanding Charge (p/day)Unit Rate (p/kWh)
EasternGasElectricity – Single RateElectricity – 2 Rate (Day, Night)26.114.05
24.0921.71, 15.95
East MidlandsGasElectricity – Single RateElectricity – 2 Rate (Day, Night)26.113.96
23.8421.52, 15.65
Electricity – Single Rate23.2820.76
Electricity – 2 Rate (Day, Night)23.3821.55, 16.03
Mersey and North WalesGas26.114.06
Electricity – Single Rate23.4921.98
Electricity – 2 Rate (Day, Night)23.5823.47, 16.49
Electricity – Single Rate25.0820.59
Electricity – 2 Rate (Day, Night)25.1621.91, 15.86
Electricity – Single Rate26.4520.2
Electricity – 2 Rate (Day, Night)26.5321.52, 15.57
North WestGas26.114.04
Electricity – Single Rate24.3820.13
Electricity – 2 Rate (Day, Night)24.4621.24, 15.55
North ScotlandGas26.114
Electricity – Single Rate27.3920.83
Electricity – 2 Rate (Day, Night)27.4722.11, 16.46
South ScotlandGas26.114
Electricity – Single Rate24.8620.39
Electricity – 2 Rate (Day, Night)24.9421.91, 15.4
South EasternGas26.114.05
Electricity – Single Rate24.0321.55
Electricity – 2 Rate (Day, Night)24.1122.62, 16.19
Electricity – Single Rate24.120.67
Electricity – 2 Rate (Day, Night)24.1921.73, 15.88
South WalesGas26.114.16
Electricity – Single Rate24.8621.17
Electricity – 2 Rate (Day, Night)24.9422.51, 16.21
South WestGas26.114.17
Electricity – Single Rate25.6621.59
Electricity – 2 Rate (Day, Night)25.7423.06, 16.16
Electricity – Single Rate26.8120.07
Electricity – 2 Rate (Day, Night)26.9121.32, 15.63

Table 1: So Flex tariffs – Source: So Energy

So Gooseberry Fixed Tariff for 12 months

The current fixed tariff plan for So Energy customers is the So Gooseberry fixed tariff which is available for 12 months. When you choose this plan, the cost for your gas, electricity, or both, will be set at the fixed price at the time that you hire this plan. To know the price for your postcode, you can get a quote from So Energy, where you will learn the specific tariffs for your region.

The following table illustrates the cost for some of the regions in the UK. These prices include the cost for the standing charge for gas and electricity, alongside the unit rate for dual gas, stating the price for gas and electricity. 

AreaFuelStanding Charge (p/day)Unit Rate (p/kWh)
East MidlandsGas26.1110.73
North ScotlandGas26.1110.61

Table 2: So Gooseberry plan for certain areas in the UK – Source: So Energy

So Energy Customer Service

So Energy was first created in 2015, as an alternative for UK energy customers looking to have energy with better customer service, better-explained bills, and more accurate reading of their consumption. Due to its outstanding customer service, So Energy received the 2017 Hounslow Business Award from the London Borough of Hounslow.

This company is listed as the 6th best energy supplier in the UK according to Which?. If you are looking to get in touch with the Customer Service of So Energy, you can do so by three methods:

  • Writing an email to [email protected].
  • Calling the attention center at 0330 111 5050 from Monday to Friday from 9:00 until 17:00.
  • Or you can write them a tweet at @SoEnergyUK

Whichever method you choose to contact So Energy, they will answer your doubts and questions as soon as possible. The company is known for having an outstanding customer service department. Contact them for any questions and you will have a satisfying answer in no time. 

Customer Reviews

So Energy is currently listed as one of the best energy suppliers in the UK. This company is always looking to provide the best service to their customers, one of the best tariffs in the market, and a quality gas & electricity service.

According to So Energy customers in Which?, this energy supplier is listed as the 6th best UK energy supplier. This company scored 73/100 points, outstanding on the subjects of Bill accuracy, Bill Clarity, and, Value for money, according to surveyed customers.

In Trustpilot, So Energy has an overall score of 4.2/5 according to up to 7,060 customers answering polls on the site. Around 82% of the customers consider the company as excellent, 8% of them consider it as great, while only 10% of the surveyed customers consider the company as average, poor, or bad.

In both websites, customers have left excellent reviews for the company. Most customers feel that the staff of the company is efficient, polite, answer the questions clearly, and provide knowledgeable answers, delivering excellent customer service in general.

How Green Is So Energy’s Energy

While on average only 40.3% of the UK energy comes from renewable sources and 16.1% from nuclear energy (another clean source), So Energy delivers 100% of its energy from renewable energies. The green energy sold by So Energy is supplied to the company by:

  • Hydro power: Hydroelectric plants located in Scotland and Wales.
  • Wind power: Wind farms located in Anglesey.
  • Solar power: Solar farms located in different regions of England. 

So Energy’s Digital Presence

So Energy is a UK energy supplier with a relatively strong digital presence. Through the different social media accounts of the company, customers of So Energy can stay updated with the latest information, interact with the company, learn about changes in the services, and solve any doubts. This company is present in the following social networks:

Aside from these social networks, So Energy is constantly publishing important content and updates on its website. You can check out the So Energy articles on the blog at their website.  

Is there a So Energy app?

While So Energy is very technologically advanced, this UK energy supplier does not have a mobile app. Although, you can check all of the information on your So Energy account via their website on your mobile device, especially since the site is mobile optimized.

Since So Energy is fairly new, the company is still growing and adding new features to its service. This company only started rolling out smart meters in 2020 when they partnered with Morrison Data. Since they are rapidly growing, there is always the chance that they release a So Energy app in the short future. 

How To Switch To So Energy? 

Switching to So Energy is relatively simple. This company is currently backed by the UK Energy Switch Guarantee, which is a guarantee for the customer that the switch will be smooth, fast, and entirely made by your new energy supplier. The whole process for switching to So Energy is the following:

Step 1: Starting the switch

First, you need to ask for a quote and complete the online form. So Energy will email you with all of the information that you will need, they will also set an online account for you to monitor the whole process.

Step 2: So Energy will contact your supplier with the switching information

The second step for So Energy is to contact your current gas & electricity supplier. Thanks to the Energy Switch Guarantee, you have to do absolutely nothing on this step, your new electricity provider will handle everything for you.

Step 3: Be sure you want to switch before 14 days

While this is not specifically a step, you do have to be sure under a 14-day period that you want to do the switch. If for any reason you want to cancel the switch, there is no hassle about it, as long as you tell So Energy 14-days after the request is made.

Step 4: Make a meter reading on the 16th day after your request

Next, you need to provide So Energy with a reading of your meter on the 16th day after your request. After this, you will only have to wait 5 more days for the switch

Step 5: Day 21, the switch is complete

After a 21-day waiting period, you will become a So Energy customer. This company is finally delivering your energy and they will take your first payment around this date. You will also have to pay your final bill to your old energy supplier, for the energy consumed during the switch. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel So Energy?

Canceling your current contract with So Energy is relatively simple. To do this, you have to send an email to [email protected] or call them at the customer service 0330 111 5050. If you are being switched to this energy supplier and you want to cancel the process, you can use the before mentioned methods or cancel the process in your So Energy online account.

If you do not cancel the switching process from your current company to So Energy, you have to wait 28 days as a customer of So Energy before switching. You should also remember that if you are under a fixed tariff, there are cancellation fees attached to these plans. 

How long does it take to switch to So Energy?

In total, switching to So Energy takes exactly 21 days after making the request. You have until the 14th day after requesting the switch to cancel, in case that you change your mind. 

Does So Energy support smart meters?

Yes, So Energy does support smart meters. The company partnered in 2020 with Morrison Data, which is the company in charge of installing the smart meters that are being rolled out. You can opt for a smart meter if you live in the midland or the northern UK. 

Verdict on So Energy

On a closure line, So Energy has shown to be one of the best UK energy suppliers and one with a great future. While many energy suppliers in the UK are going bust due to the UK energy crisis, So Energy stands robust, even though it is still a small energy supplier.

So Energy was created just a few years ago, in 2015, but this company has already positioned itself as the 6th best company in the UK, delivering energy to around 200,000 customers. This company stands out due to its low price tariffs, excellent customer service, and accurate billings.

If you are looking to switch to a better energy company because you are tired of your old one or because it went bust, So Energy is a great option. Here are some of the main pros and cons that we find in this company, these will help you decide if So Energy is the best energy supplier for you. 


  •  The company supplies 100% renewable energy.
  • So Energy commits to staying among the 10% cheapest companies in the UK.
  •  Its diversified renewable energy portfolio makes the company more robust.
  •  Customers state that the bills are accurate and easy to understand.
  • The company is growing and will add new features in the future.
  • It has one of the best customer services for UK energy suppliers. 


  • There is no So Energy mobile app.
  • The rolling out of smart meters is still restricted to a certain region of the UK.
  • So Energy does not support prepaid meters. 
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