OVO Vs Octopus – A Price Comparison

OVO Vs Octopus – A Price Comparison

ovo vs octopus

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Price comparison

Choosing the best energy provider is no easy task, and while price is always a top priority, it is not the only thing to consider. The best supplier for you depends on a number of factors, including your specific needs. The following table provides a price comparison between OVO and Octopus, and demonstrates how they stack up against each other.

While Octopus is not as well rated as the big name providers, it is worth considering the benefits of the company’s offerings. For example, it has been awarded several prestigious awards over the last five years. They have also been named a recommended provider by Which? and won the USwitch supplier of the year award in 2017.

In addition to its innovative energy tariffs, Octopus also offers an electric vehicle tariff. This has helped the company to establish a strong customer base in the UK. The company has also started to build an Electric Juice Network. Eventually, the network will offer consumers the ability to charge their electric vehicles at a variety of charge points.

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Renewable energy tariffs

Whether you’re looking for an energy supplier for your home or your business, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of renewable energy tariffs. These offer 100% renewable energy, and can be purchased directly from UK renewable generators.

Octopus Energy is a small energy company. It supplies gas and electricity to over two million homes in the UK. It is also part owned by Origin Energy, which owns a large number of fossil fuelled power stations.

Octopus Energy offers a range of green tariffs, and has received special commendation for its green energy initiatives. The company was also awarded the ‘Best Buy’ award by Ethical Consumer.

The company is also a major investor in solar energy. It manages over 300 renewable sites in the UK. It is also Europe’s largest investor in solar energy.

Electric vehicle tariffs

Whether you’re looking for a cheap way to charge your electric vehicle or want to get the best deal, it’s important to understand the different EV tariffs out there. Many offer super-cheap nighttime charging, but it’s also important to find a tariff that covers other times of the day.

There are two main EV tariffs from Octopus Energy: the Octopus Go and the Intelligent Octopus. The OctopusGO tariff is a super-cheap night-time charge and offers 5p/kWh.

The Intelligent Octopus is a great value green energy tariff for EV drivers. It offers 7.5p/kWh electricity during off-peak hours, and you can also override the charging schedule to charge when you need to. Using the Intelligent Octopus, you can also save up to six hours each night. You can also tell the Intelligent Octopus when you want to charge and when you want to use the rest of your energy.

Customer service ratings

Whether you choose OVO or Octopus for your energy needs, you’re likely to be pleased with their customer service. Octopus Energy is one of the most highly rated energy suppliers and has been named Which?’s recommended energy provider for five years in a row. In fact, they were awarded eleven awards for their customer service and were named the Best Energy Supplier at the Uswitch Energy Awards. In addition, the team at OVO won the UK National Contact Centre of the Year award in 2017.

OVO is also the largest energy supplier in the UK. They have 3.1 million customers and are one of the fastest growing suppliers in the industry. They also have a proprietary cloud-based energy technology platform, which allows them to unlock smart tariffs.

New partnership with Marks & Spencer

Earlier this year, Marks & Spencer announced a new partnership with Octopus Energy to supply its domestic energy customers with 100% renewable energy. The two firms will work together on a new pricing model that will see M&S Energy’s prices become more transparent and streamlined.

Octopus Energy is the UK’s largest investor in renewable energy farms. It has invested in wind turbines and anaerobic digestion plants, which recycle plant waste to generate electricity. The company also claims that it has built enough solar farms to power more than a quarter of a million UK homes.

Octopus Energy is a white-label energy supplier. It will take over M&S Energy’s gas and electricity customers in September. The company says it will give customers the same great value and service they have come to expect.

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