Outfox The Market Review: Plans, Pricing, FAQ

Outfox the Market is one of the newest electricity suppliers in the UK, and its popularity has been increasing extremely fast. This company claims to deliver 100% renewable energy and that they offer some of the cheapest tariffs in the UK.

With such increasing popularity, it is interesting to analyze how convenient this company might be. Customers from all over the UK have rated this as the best electricity supplier, so, let us do a deep analysis on this company, its origin, plans & tariffs, and how stable it is during the energy crisis.

Who Are Outfox the Market?

Launched in September 2017, Outfox the Market is an electrical supplier committed to making the world a greener place while keeping electrical tariffs low. Outfox the Market has over 100,000 customers and is registered under the name Foxglove Energy Supply Ltd. The company is a subsidiary of Bastian PLC, a company based in Leicester, managing 7 other companies.

Outfox the Market is a dual fuel company, meaning that they sell natural gas for home usage and electric power. In the case of Outfox the Market, this UK electricity supplier sells 100% renewable energy generated at wind farms located within the UK.

Outfox the Market operates only with certain types of meters. They work perfectly with standard, Economy 7, and SMETS 2 Smart meters, but they do not work with prepaid meters.

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Aside from being one of the greenest and most popular electric suppliers in the UK, Outfox the Market is also committed to society. This company supports and donates to Healing Little Hearts (HLH), a UK charity providing free surgery to children with Congenital Heart disease in more than 12 countries.

Will Outfox The Market Go Bust?

Throughout 2021, the UK energy market has been living an energy crisis that has intensified in the third and last quarter of the year. This crisis is caused by the rapid price increase of liquefied natural gas due to a lowered supply coming from Asia to Europe.

Figure 2: UK Natural Gas Futures – Source: The ICE

From December 2020 to December 2021, the price for natural gas increased from $50.99 up to $344.9, representing a market increase price of 676.40% in only one year. Since natural gas is the main fuel used to generate electric power, the whole UK energy market has shaken, causing many companies to go bust.

Up to December 2021, 28 electricity suppliers in the UK have gone bust, causing more than 1.5 million electricity customers to switch suppliers. The good news for UK electricity customers looking for a switch to Outfox the Market is that this electricity supplier is not going bust.

Since this company only sells renewable energy and not fuel-generated power, instead of going bust, Outfox the Market is going up. The electrical supplier is inviting UK electricity customers to switch to their green service to consume green energy at one of the lowest prices.

Figure 3: Outfox the Market advertisement – Source: Outfox the Market’s Twitter account

What Tariffs & Plans Does Outfox the Market Offer?

If you want to switch to Outfox the Market, we recommend you get a quote from the company. If you want to know beforehand about their plans & tariffs, here you can read an overview about them:

Membership Fee

The business model of this electricity supplier works by providing customers with cheap energy, charging them a monthly membership fee. The membership fee is calculated regarding the annual power consumption of each customer.

While this company does provide fixed tariffs for their customers, the fixed cost for electricity may vary regarding several aspects like your annual power consumption, the location and how many products you will be requiring from Outfox the Market. Customers requiring gas & electricity will be paying lower electricity tariffs than those only requiring electricity.

There are two types of plans you can subscribe to, whether you choose to go with Gas & Electricity or just Electricity. These plans are the following:

CLEAN E plans

One of the most requested plans is the CLEAN E plan. By subscribing to this plan, your home will be fully powered with renewable energy, with one of the cheapest electricity tariffs in the UK energy market. The CLEAN E plan comprises a set of fixed tariffs available for 12 months, applied to the power consumed by your home to calculate the cost of your monthly electricity bill. This plan involves a £50.00 exit fee.

Clean E Fix’d X 21.0 is the latest CLEAN E plan rolled out by Outfox the Market on 13 December 2021. Figure 4 illustrates the estimated annual bill for a home consuming the UK national average (12,000 kWh of gas and 3,100kWh of electric power).

Figure 4: Average UK bill in different regions, considering the Outfox the Market  – Clean E Fix’d X 21.0 plan – Source: Free Price Compare

ECO7 Elec Fix plan

One of the most convenient plans for some homeowners is the ECO7 plan, which is short for Economy 7. This plan fixes your tariff for 12 months, has a £50.00 exit fee, and delivers several advantages and disadvantages. The ECO7 plan offers two sets of tariffs: a cheap tariff applied 7 hours during the night, and an expensive tariff applied the rest of the day.

The night tariff of the ECO7 plan, runs for 7 hours at night, providing you with a cheaper cost than other tariffs offered by the company. This tariff is available during the 7 hours when there is lower power demand from the grid. With the ECO7 plan, homeowners can configure their high-consumption smart appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers, to operate at a much lower cost during the night.

The downside of the ECO7 plan is that the fixed daily tariff is much more expensive than the night tariff or even the CLEAN E plan tariffs. Some homeowners optimizing their energy usage into night hours usually can get cheaper monthly bills with this tariff, but only if they consume low power during the day.

Outfox the Market – ECO7 Elec Fix’d X Dec21 v2 is one of the latest updates of the ECO7 plan, rolled out on December 13. Figure 5 illustrates the estimated annual bills for homes consuming 12,000 kWh of gas and 3,100 kWh of electric power a year.

Figure 5: Average UK bill in different regions, considering the Outfox the Market – ECO7 Elec Fix’d X Dec21 v2 tariffs – Source: Free Price Compare

Discounts & Promo Codes

Besides, Outfox the Market is constantly offering discounts to their customers, especially newcomers. To help incentivize new electricity customers to approach the company and make the switch to clean energy with cheap tariffs, Outfox the Market is offering promotional codes.

You can find some of these codes by being attentive to their advertisement campaigns, usually posted via their social media like Twitter or Facebook.

To help you save money on your first month, we dived into the internet and found a limited-time coupon valid through December 2021, clearing you with 25% of your bill. To use this coupon, enter the word WINTER25 in your Outfox the Market account.

Who Supplies Outfox the Market?

While Outfox the Market provides some of the cheapest prices for clean energy and delivers excellent fixed prices for their customers, this supplier does not generate its energy. The clean power supplied to Outfox the Market comes from a renewable power generator called Orsted.

Orsted is a company focused on creating a greener world, powered with clean & renewable energy. This company is a leading offshore wind power generator, headquartered in Denmark, but with wind farms located all over Europe, including the UK.

To help achieve the goal of providing green energy, Orsted invested £8 billion to build eleven wind farms in the UK before 2020. By 2020, the company invested £4 more billion, using Outfox the Market as the electricity retailer.

Currently, Orsted has a total renewable energy capacity installed of 7,572 MW, considering several wind farms located all over the world. However, the company is expanding, increasing its capacity by 2,286 MW with wind farms that are under construction.

Figure 6: Orsted’s Capacity installed and future goals – Source: Orsted 2020 Annual Report

Although the company is already robust, Orsted is planning ambitious goals for the future  as can be seen in the figure above. This company is growing its wind farm portfolio both in the US and Europe.

Customer Service Quality

Outfox the Market is ranked as the best electricity supplier in the UK due to several reasons; one of them is an outstanding customer service quality. According to customers’ reviews in Trustpilot, the response of the customer service department of the company is quick to answer, patient to questions and attentive to any doubts.

In general, most customers of the company left a 5-star review after their problem was solved, writing great recommendations about this department. Just a few clients felt unsatisfied with their attention, but mostly were associated with low response feedbacks in some cases.

If you are looking for help in general from the customer service department, you below you will find some options to communicate with them:

The Outfox the Market customer service department operates from Monday to Friday, from 08:30 to 17:00. On Saturdays, they operate from 09:00 to 14:00, and they close on Sundays. Be sure to call them during operating hours to have a faster response and get your problems solved.

Customer Reviews

Outfox the Market is currently ranked as the best electricity supplier in the UK by several review websites in the UK. This is mainly because the company focuses on providing cheap tariffs for customers, excellent customer service, and quality service in general.

According to surveys taken in Which? by electricity customers in the UK, this is the best electricity supplier in the country scoring a total of 82% on the website.

Surveys filled by UK electricity customers in Trustpilot, rated the company by 4.4/5 stars. Up to 67% of the customers think that his company is excellent, 16% think that is great, and only 17% of them think that the company is average, poor, or bad. Most reviews left on the rating site by customers, place the company as one of the best ones, not only in the customer service department, but in tariffs, and more.

How Green Is Outfox the Market’s Energy

The UK generates its power on average with 2.7% coal energy, 38.2% natural gas energy, 16.1% nuclear power, 2.7% other sources, and only 40.3% from renewable sources. Many UK electricity suppliers claim to be green, but when doing a deep research in their fuel mix, we found out this not to be always true.

Like other companies, Outfox the Market claims to be a company selling 100% renewable energy, but in the case of Outfox the Market, we found that this statement is completely true.

Figure 7: Outfox the Market energy source compared to the UK average – Source: Outfox the Market

The electricity supplied to the UK grid by Outfox the Market comes from a renewable energy generator company called Orsted. The company generates all of its energy from renewable sources, specifically wind farms, which is why Outfox the Market chose it as its power provider.

Even though Outfox the Market does deliver 100% clean and renewable energy, this is not the only product of the company. This UK electricity supplier also sells gas, specifically natural gas and not green gas. Considering that the company only claims to be green on its electricity, we can let that one pass.

Digital Presence

Outfox the Market has a strong digital presence, advertising their products and helping customers with any doubts or inconveniences they might have on their electricity service. Currently, you can find this company on the following social media networks:

Aside from the regular social networks, there is a Facebook discussion group. Here you can find support from other customers that might face the same inconvenience as you, aside from getting help from official customer service operators from Outfox the Market.

How To Switch To Outfox The Market?

If you are looking to consume green energy for a fair price, consider changing to Outfox the Market. The switch from your electricity supplier to this company is relatively easy, taking around 21 days. One of the best things about switching to Outfox the Market is that they deal with all of the details, even notifying your old supplier.

Outfox the Market, is covered by the Energy Switch Guarantee. This guarantee makes the whole process easy, by making your new supplier take care of everything, meaning that you are never left without gas or electricity, and Outfox the Market will solve any inconvenience during the process.

To switch, you only have to get a quote from Outfox the Market, asking them to be your electricity provider. After that, you need to read your meter close to the date of the switch and that is it, problem solved.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Outfox the Market in danger of going bust?

As stated by the company several times to their customers and new potential customers, Outfox the Market is not going bust.

The energy crisis is mainly affecting companies who are selling electric power generated with liquefied natural gas. Since this company only sells 100% renewable energy (wind energy, specifically), there is currently no risk of bankruptcy. Actually, Outfox the Market is expanding and taking in new customers each day.

Do Outfox the Market fit smart meters?

If you are into the latest in technology, you already know of some of the various benefits that Smart Meters will deliver to you and your family. Currently, Outfox the Market is rolling out Smart Meters for customers, so contact them and ask for a Smart Meter installation, soon they will be in touch.

How to contact Outfox the Market

Contacting Outfox the Market is extremely easy. To do this, you have three options:
Chatting with a Customer Service operator via the official website.
Call an operator via 0800 103 2702.
Or just email them at [email protected].

Do they offer a ‘Dual Fuel’ discount?

In short, Yes. Outfox the Market does deliver discounts on Dual Fuel. While the company does not advertise these discounts on their website, if you ask for a quote on both electricity only and electricity + gas, you will notice there is a lower price for the cost of electricity when you ask for Dual Fuel.

Will they offer to pay a customer’s exit fees when they join them?

While Outfox the Market will not pay the exit fees for you leaving your old electricity supplier, there might be no need for you to pay them either. If you are within the last 49 days of your fixed-term contract, Ofgem states that you do not have to pay the fee, and you can freely switch to Outfox the Market.

What happens if you move home whilst with them?

Are you moving into a new home and like the plans & tariffs offered by Outfox the Market? No need to worry. In your online account, there is an “I’m moving out” tab, here you can let them know about this, and they will take care of everything for you. When you get to your new home, you will be able to use our old account at your new house.

If you are moving into a new home and you want to use the services of Outfox the Market for the first time, you need to get a quote from the company and switch to it. The process is the same as if you were switching electricity suppliers at your old home.

Verdict on Outfox the Market

This company is without a doubt one of the most remarkable in the UK energy market. Outfox the Market provides some of the best plans & prices to UK energy customers, enjoying a widely increasing popularity among electricity users.

One major point in favor is that its customers do not have to worry about the company going bust due to the natural gas prices, since they only provide 100% renewable energy. All of the energy that you will consume with Outfox the Market, is generated by Orsted wind farms, located here in the UK.

This company has been rated as the best electricity and gas provider in the UK. The customer service is doing an amazing job, the company, in general, is providing excellent prices, and provides UK customers with green electricity, without worrying about high costs.

If you are looking to switch electricity suppliers, do not look anymore, Outfox the Market is one of the best companies for you. You will even be able to manage your electricity account via the Outfox the Market Android and iOS app, allowing you to have control of your energy at any time.


  • 100% renewable energy.
  • Cheap prices.
  • Dual Fuel discounts.
  • The company is not going bust due to the liquefied natural gas energy crisis.
  • They deliver accurate and clear bills.
  • Customer service will treat you amazingly and solve your inconvenience.
  • Good service quality.
  • It is the best UK electricity supplier, rated by customers.


  • Outfox the Market does not have plans for prepaid meters.
  • While the customer service is great in general, some people complained about slow response.
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