Octopus Energy Vs EDF – Which is the Best Deal?

Octopus Energy Vs EDF – Which is the Best Deal?

octopus energy vs edf

Whether you’re looking to switch your energy supplier or are thinking of switching to a greener energy provider, here are some key points to consider.


Choosing an energy supplier can be a complicated process, especially when there are so many choices out there. To help you find the best deal, we’ve compared two of the UK’s best energy providers: Octopus and Bulb. They’re both reputable companies that offer competitive tariffs, but which one is the better deal?

Unlike most energy suppliers, Octopus offers flexible tariffs, which allow you to make your own choices about what you want to pay for your energy. These include fixed and variable rate options. You can choose a fixed tariff that lasts for a year, or a variable tariff that changes depending on your needs. You can also port your tariff from one provider to another.

Customer service

Despite being a new player on the scene, Octopus Energy has won multiple awards and has been consistently ranked the best energy supplier in the UK for customer service. This includes a top spot in eight independent ratings. It’s also the only supplier to offer tariffs below the energy price cap.

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Octopus is also on the cutting edge of green energy technology, generating green gas to help power the UK. It’s the only supplier to offer carbon tariffs on some tariffs, and offers green energy deals to help customers switch to cleaner energy.

The Octopus app has received over 85,000 positive reviews and has a strong 4.8 rating from customers. The app is not as advanced as other providers’. However, it does allow users to manage their account online. It also has an online financial support tool. Its customer service is very quick. Its response time to calls is 29 seconds faster than EDF.

Off-peak electricity

Earlier this year, Octopus Energy ran a pilot off-peak electricity scheme. This was an opt-in scheme that rewards customers who reduce their energy use during peak times. They will receive a payment for each unit of electricity they save. The scheme will run until March 2023.

The scheme was designed to reduce pressure on the UK’s power network. It’s also aimed at preventing blackouts during cold weather. The National Grid has estimated that the average household could save PS100 by switching to an off-peak tariff.

During the winter, energy suppliers will pay households for reducing their energy usage. They will also receive a text message asking them to cut their usage. If they reduce their electricity usage, they could receive a cash transfer to their bank account.

Gas usage offsets

Whether or not you choose Octopus Energy over EDF, it’s important to know what type of customer service you can expect. The two companies offer a range of services to suit your energy needs.

Octopus Energy offers green energy tariffs and smart meters. It’s one of the leading green energy suppliers in the UK. Octopus buys energy directly from UK green generators, and a majority of its electricity is sourced from renewable sources. It also offers a range of carbon-offset gas options for its gas customers.

For customers who own an electric car, Octopus offers the Octopus Go Tariff, which offers cheaper overnight charging. It also offers an electric vehicle tariff, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of driving.

Kraken platform

Despite the fact that Octopus Energy has a storied history of disrupting the energy sector, it was only three years ago that the company launched its tech platform, Kraken. Originally designed to serve the needs of a small group of energy providers, Kraken has now been embraced by several major energy companies and is used by over 25 million energy accounts across nine markets globally.

Kraken focuses on customer centricity, with an emphasis on simple processes and straightforward interactions. By removing barriers between customers and energy suppliers, Kraken has dramatically improved customer service. The Kraken platform is built on advanced data processing and machine learning approaches.

Kraken is an end-to-end cloud-based customer engagement platform that is purpose-built for the energy industry. It interfaces with consumers through web, mobile and smart meters. It allows consumers to manage their energy supply chain and access clean energy technologies. Kraken is built on the assumption that consumers will transition to a net-zero energy future.

Prices to rise in line with fuel cap

Earlier this year, Octopus Energy tested a scheme that would allow customers to spread the cost of a price increase over several years. The company said it could reduce inflation by up to 3.5%. It also explained that standing charges were rising because Ofgem’s calculations have changed.

The energy regulator of the UK has increased the price cap by PS693 from April. The cap will be reassessed in October. A cap will limit the average home bill to PS1,971 for gas and electricity.

The government is considering whether it should help consumers deal with the cost of fuel. Energy companies are providing support to those in need.

Octopus Energy is providing customers with a financial hardship fund of PS6 million. Customers can use the fund to access monetary credits, payment holidays and personalised account support. The company also provides information on a new flexible tariff that customers can use to fix their prices at any time.

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