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Logicor Energy is a fairly small company, which delivers green energy being generated from renewable sources. This company seems quite interesting, however, there are many blank spaces regarding Logicor Energy, their tariffs, and the origin of their energy.

Figure 1: Logicor Energy logo – Source: Logicor Energy

If you are interested in knowing more about Logicor Energy and are even considering switching to this company, then this article is for you. Here we will be talking about Logicor Energy, the market share of the company, its tariffs, and many other aspects about the company.

Who is Logicor?

Logicor Energy is one of the cheapest clean energy companies in the UK. This company was created in August 2015, and it has been delivering clean energy at great prices ever since. Logicor Energy is deeply focused on having a positive impact on the earth, by delivering renewable energy to its customers, causing a positive impact on climate change by reducing the carbon footprint of its clients. 

Logicor Energy Market Share

Even though Logicor Energy has been operating in the energy market for more than 6 years ago, this company is still one of the smallest ones in the country. While there is no official information about how many customers Logicor delivers retail energy & gas for low prices, the company holds part of the 6.3% retail electricity delivered by small companies in the UK. 

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Figure 2: UK Energy Market Share – Source: Ofgem

Considering that Logicor Energy is a very small company and there are over 30 firms registered as electricity suppliers in the country, this company must hold less than 0.5% of the retail energy market. 

What Tariffs & Plans Does Logicor Energy Offer?

Logicor Energy is deeply focused on delivering clean & renewable energy to its customers, looking to make a positive impact on climate change. All of the available tariffs, fall under the following category: 

Logicor Energy Electricity Gas Dual Fuel Tariffs

Customers of Logicor Energy will be able to enjoy electricity and gas for a fair price under the Dual Fuel scheme. Currently, Logicor Energy has suspended the online registration for clients and the quotes, however, there are three types of tariffs that you can opt for when they relaunch registrations:

Logicor Advance (Time of Use)

The Logicor Advance plan features a Time of Use plan. This means that you will have different tariffs available depending on the hour. Regularly, this scheme sets much lower tariffs during the late-night hours and the dawn, allowing you to use electricity for a fraction of the price at those hours.

Opting for the Logicor Advance will allow you to optimize energy efficiency at your home. By installing smart devices that will use electricity during the low tariff hours, you will reduce the overall cost of your monthly electricity bill. This plan does not include exit fees and it has flexible payment options.

Logicor Prime (Flat Rate)

The Logicor Prime plan consists of a fixed rate tariff plan with no exit fees. Clients registering with this plan can pay their electricity bills with flexible payment options. This plan will be available soon for clients looking to get a quote.

Logicor Intensity

There is little information about Logicor Intensity, however, clients under this tariff will be using green energy coming from wind and solar farms. This plan is also called Carbon Intensity Tariff. The company states that it will be the first company worldwide to set this type of tariff. 

Logicor Energy Pros & Cons

Logicor Energy seems like an interesting company, and it has many pros, however, it also has several cons to it. These are the following: 


  • Logicor Energy delivers some of the cheapest tariffs in the market.
  • The company uses the myWatts platform to deliver precise and clear billings for smart meters.
  • The clients of Logicor Energy get personalized monthly energy reports.
  •  Customers of Logicor Energy can ask for a full set of LED lights to switch to energy efficiency and reduce the consumption of their lighting system.
  • The company will deliver the first Carbon Energy Intensity Tariff.
  • None of the plans includes an exit fee.
  • Logicor Energy is a company advocating for renewable energy, sustainability, and low-cost energy. 


  • There is little information about the plans and tariffs online.
  •  The company does not release public numbers about its clients and statistics.
  • No public fuel mix has been released for the sources of the energy delivered by Logicor Energy.
  •  Relatively new company with not a big market share
  • Currently, the company does not seem to be taking new clients until new notice. 

How Green Is Logicor Energy

Logicor Energy is a company stating that it is entirely renewable, being an advocate of renewable energy and that all of its power comes from renewable sources. According to the information on the official website of Logicor Energy, the Carbon Energy Intensity Tariff will provide green renewable energy and deliver some interesting discounts to customers.

Even though Logicor Energy publicly states that they are advocates of green energy, they are not entirely transparent. Currently, the company has not published any type of official Fuel Mix, meaning that none of the customers or potential customers, can truly know how the origin of the power sold by Logicor Energy.

Logicor Energy Digital Presence

Logicor energy has a relatively small digital presence. This company only has three social networks, aside from the official website:

Even though Logicor Energy seems to have a relatively scarce digital presence, the company does answer to their clients on social networks and provides information regarding their different products. 

Switching To Logicor Energy

Logicor Energy is not currently taking in new customers. If you are looking to switch to this company, you might have to wait for some time before enjoying cheap energy from this company. It seems like the company will be relaunching entries for customers, so you might be able to register as a customer soon enough.

If you want to know more detailed information about switching to Logicor Energy, you can contact the company directly. To do this, call them on their phone number at 0330 1239 540 or write them via email to [email protected]. Their customer service operates from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m., so you might expect them to answer around those working hours. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Who Owns Logicor Energy? 

Logicor Energy was initially registered before The Registrar of Companies of England & Whales, under the name of Marigold Energy Supply Limited. The initial shareholder company of Logicor Energy was named Utilisoft Limited, which is the matrix company of Logicor Energy. 

Why choose Logicor Energy?

Logicor Energy seems to provide some of the most detailed monthly bills, including a program that works alongside your smart meter to provide detailed billings. This company is going to be the first one delivering Carbon Energy Intensity Tariffs, and it also provides extremely cheap energy prices.

The downside of Logicor Energy is that the company does not seem to not be taking in new customers at this moment. This means that if you choose Logicor Energy as your new electricity provider, you will have to check constantly on the website and call them regularly to know when they will relaunch the intake of new customers. 

Verdict on Logicor Energy

Logicor Energy is an advocate of renewable energy and a sustainable world, they are looking to provide cheap tariffs for customers while delivering green energy, which is quite an achievement.

While this company sounds like a really good idea, they do not seem to be entirely transparent about certain aspects. First of all, the company has no updated information regarding tariffs, and secondly and most importantly, they do not have an official fuel mix which makes the renewable energy support statement hard to verify.

While there seem to be transparency problems regarding Logicor Energy and they are not taking in new customers, it is important to understand that this is a fairly new and small company.

Another important aspect to consider is how the UK Energy Crisis affects the company. Considering that this is a small company, it is likely that they are indeed delivering green energy since they have not gone bust yet like most small companies delivering power generated from Liquefied Natural Gas.

It is most likely that Logicor Energy just does not have a renewable generation platform large enough to take in any new customers. However, this falls under speculation as there is not enough information available from this company to verify. The most important fact is that currently they are not taking new customers, therefore, if you are looking for a company switch there may be better options available with renewable energy mix that you could consider in the meantime.  

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