Good Energy Review

If you’re looking for some of the best renewable energy suppliers around, then a few different names spring to mind. One of the more popular ones out there is Good Energy, and although they aren’t quite near the size of the big six, they’re definitely a growing energy company with a pretty good reputation.

But just how good are Good Energy, and are they competent enough for you to consider switching over your energy needs to them? Well, we’re going to look at them in a little closer company, and see whether they really are a “Good” energy company.

Good Energy Review

Who are Good Energy?

The company itself was founded back in 2003, and they have a few hundred employees and many thousands of customers across the UK. It’s one of the companies that have been preaching about using renewable energy for far longer than many of the current ones have (which generally is just because of pressure from their customer base). So from an ethical perspective, they’re definitely a good choice.

The company have a few wind farms and even more solar farms scattered across the UK, with the majority of them down in the South West. They have a long reputation within the renewable energy sector, and have won many awards for their work over the past few decades.

They’re also the majority owners of the company Next Green Car, which is essentially a buyer’s guide for those looking to buy a new environmentally friendly vehicle.

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Good Energy Prices & Tariffs

As you’d expect, the one year fixed rate is the best option if you’re looking for the cheapest rate. It’s a little less than the average rate across the UK, so whilst it’s not as good as some cheaper electricity suppliers like Octopus, it’s cheaper than the big six by quite a bit.

This isn’t the only tariff that they offer, as they do offer a variable rate too for folks that want those. However, opting for this is around 30% more expensive than the 1 year fixed rate, so for some people, it won’t be the best choice available.

One thing that you might want to note is that if you’ve got an electric vehicle, then Good Energy offer a really great rate for this. it’s only a tiny bit more expensive than their lowest fixed rate, so if you’ve been thinking about getting a eco friendly car, then Good Energy are one of the best suppliers to do this with.

Who owns good energy?

Although many smaller suppliers like Good Energy have been bought out by much bigger companies, this isn’t the case for them. They’re still owned by the same people since the companies inception in 2003, though they have sold of shares (in2016 they sold of 7% of the company to Ecotricity, which has increased up to 25% in the following few years). The company is primarily owned by founder and still current CEO Juliet Davenport.

Which is the best green energy supplier?

As with Ecotricity, Good Energy are known for being one of the best green energy suppliers around. If you’re looking for a company that uses renewable energy, then Good Energy are definitely going to be a good choice. Another good brand that uses renewable energy are Octopus.

Is it worth switching to renewable energy?

If you’re currently with a company that doesn’t use 100% renewable energy, then you might be asking yourself whether it’s worth switching over. Well, the main benefit that you’ll get from switching over is that if you do switch over, then other firms will start to put a greater emphasis on renewable energy. Then, we can help build more solar and wind farms, which will have an impact on the planet overall.

Can I use a smart meter with Good Energy?

If you already have a smart meter installed, then the likelihood is that you can switch over to Good Energy without any problems.


All in all, good energy are a good energy supplier if you’re looking to use someone who uses 100% renewable energy. They have a good customer base who are happy with the service they are providing too. So, if you’re looking to help make a difference with the current climate crisis, then Good Energy might be a company worth considering.

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