Best green energy supplier in the UK? 2021 Guide

Green energy is one of the biggest topics of the last few years, with more people realizing the effect our high energy consumption has on the planet. Pretty much all of the bigger players in the energy market have said that they’re moving in the direction of a greener energy plan for most customers, which is definitely encouraging.

However, with so many different providers on the market, it can be pretty difficult to know who the best green energy supplier really is. Most people want to find a deal that’s good for the environment, but with the average energy bill for a house being more than £1000 a year, they want one that’s also good for their bank balance too. So, we’ll be looking at some of the top options for those looking to make the switch.

Best green energy supplier in the UK?


Bulb are one of the best companies to go for if you’re trying to find a top green energy supplier, and it’s one of the main reasons why we recommend them to all of our visitors.

All of Bulb’s electricity is generated via green methods – it’s a mix of solar energy, wind energy and hydro energy too. They manage to do this by creating relationships with different energy generators across the UK. So if you’re looking for a company that generates another unit of electric for every one you use, Bulb may be the best choice.

It’s also worth noting that they’re pretty good when it comes to gas too, as all of their gas in carbon neutral.

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Green Energy UK

Now when it comes to being a true green energy supplier, then the folks at Green Energy UK are unmatched. You’ll often see them abbreviated to GEUK, and they’re currently the only energy supplier in the UK that are 100% green for their electricity AND their gas too.

This is a pretty big feat, and it’s one major selling point they have over the rest. They do tend to cost a little bit more than the very cheapest supplier on the market. But if your green principles are stronger than your purse strings, then they’re definitely the one to go for.


Like Bulb, one of the key factors in the rise of Octopus Energy in recent years is undoubtedly down to their green electricity policy. The company generate most of their energy via wind power, and it actually makes up almost three quarters of their energy generated – the company have actually started to branch into generating it themselves recently too.

The rest of their electricity is made up of hydro and solar powered. At present, Octopus aren’t generating their gas in a green fashion, though they are dedicated to making it offset. They also have a pretty great customer service record too, which is going to be a big part of your decision.


Another company that is definitely dedicated to turning the entire UK green is Ecotricity. Though they’re a little smaller than Bulb and Octopus, they too ensure that all of their electricity is green.

And actually the company go one step further, labelling themselves as a full “vegan” energy provider. This means that they ensure that no animal by-products are involved in their energy generation. As well as this, the company are heavily focussed on other areas of energy too, like electric vehicles.

Though as you may expect from a green energy company, the price is going to carry a premium over your standard provider. For some people though, supporting a genuine company will definitely be worth the extra cost.

Common questions about green energy

What is green energy?

It’s a great question, because not everyone knows what is meant by green energy – whilst you know it’s probably better for the environment, what does it actually entail? Well, all we mean by green is energy that is generated by utilizing the natural environment. In the UK, that means we rely on a lot of wind power, which the government have promised to invest more in, but also solar and hydro too.

What are renewable energy sources?

As mentioned above, the main generators of energy in the UK come from the wind, Sun and the water, which is generated based on the water actively flowing. Though everyone knows of solar energy, not as many people are aware of hydro and wind energy, and they’re definitely not aware of how big of a part they play in the UK. It’s also worth considering other potential energy sources like geothermal energy too, which is generates from the heat below Earth’s surface.

How much of UK energy is renewable?

Though there’s not an exact figure on the percentage of green energy in the current UK market, it’s somewhere between 40-45%. This has gradually increased over the past decade, and it’s definitely on the right trajectory to make a difference.

Why is green energy important?

The stats show that green energy usage has risen for the past decade, and now almost half of the energy generated in the UK is green. The benefits for our environment are the most important factor is deciding to go green, and most of us want to leave a better Earth for our families. So we know that it’s obviously good for the climate, as it will not contribute to global warming in the same way. But, it’s also much better for our physical health too, as there’s going to be less pollution in the air.


When it comes to green energy, there are a few different energy suppliers that stand out from the rest. Whether you’re looking for the greenest possible, or you want a happy medium between green and cost, there’s going to be a company for you.

It’s also worth knowing that if you’re still stuck with an old energy meter, then you’ll probably want to upgrade when you go green. All suppliers will offer you the option of a smart meter now, and they’re definitely worth installing if you want to keep track of your energy usage. And for going green, that’ll be a big factor.

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