Are Avro Energy Any Good?

Are Avro Energy Any Good?

are avro energy any good

Whether you are looking to move house or to simply switch your energy supplier, it’s important to find a company that will provide you with the best service possible. The cheapest tariffs, the quickest exit fees, and the best customer service are just some of the things you should look for when searching for a new energy provider.

Customer service

Whether you’re looking to switch energy providers or just have a question, Avro Energy has the answers. They’re located right here on their website and they’re a good place to start.

They offer a lot of features that you’ll want to check out, including a 14 day cooling off period and the chance to transfer your tariffs within seven days of making the switch. They also have a lot of great customer service options, including an email address and a customer help line. You can also use their Facebook page and Instagram account to get answers to your questions.

Avro’s website also has a “Help & Advice” section, which is packed with useful information on switching to their service as well as other topics such as moving home. The company also has a live chat feature and an email address. If you are looking for a faster way to get a customer representative, you may want to use a direct message on their Facebook page or Instagram account.

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Cheapest tariffs

Several energy suppliers have recently shut down. One of the latest to do so is Eversmart Energy. Others include Brilliant Energy, Economy Energy and Simplicity Energy.

Avro Energy, however, has remained in business. It offers a variety of tariffs. In addition to its variable tariffs, it also offers four fixed deals. Its flagship tariff is one of the cheapest in the UK. It’s a good value deal and has no exit fee. However, it doesn’t offer specialist tariffs for electric vehicles, 100% renewable energy or carbon offset.

Avro offers good customer service and straightforward billing. Customers are also given the option of viewing their bills online or by email. In addition, customers can request a switch to another supplier. Avro also has a UK-based call centre. It also provides an energy consumption calculator.

Exit fees

Leaving your energy supplier early is not the most attractive prospect, but exit fees can deter customers from making the switch. Fortunately, a growing number of energy suppliers are offering fixed price energy deals without exit fees.

Avro Energy is a small London-based supplier. It offers one pay-as-you-go tariff and four fixed deals. Its customer service is also top notch, with a 94% customer review rating.

The Avro Energy website provides a ‘cooling-off period’ where customers can cancel their contract free of charge within the first 14 days. The site also provides a price comparison tool. However, customers are advised to check the terms of their contract before switching.

Avro Energy does not offer specialist tariffs for carbon offset or for drivers of electric vehicles. However, it has a solid customer service track record and is easy to use.

Smart meters

Having a smart meter is not compulsory but it can make life easier. They allow you to track your energy usage in real time and give you accurate bills. They can also help you to save money.

Smart meters work by using a secure smart data network. They automatically send meter readings to your supplier. The readings are then displayed on an in-home display. You can then view them and see how much energy you have used, in pounds, pence and kW. They will also tell you how much credit you have available. They also show you how your lifestyle affects your energy allowance.

Some companies offer a prepay mode. This means that you can top up your meter by telephone or online. This makes life easier for tenants, as they do not need to remember to top up the meter every time.


Hundreds of thousands of consumers are likely to be affected by the collapse of energy supplier Avro. Luckily, a safety net is in place. Octopus Energy has been appointed to take on Avro’s domestic customers. Octopus has 3.1 million UK retail customers. The company has also opened a new hub in Manchester and plans to create 300 jobs in the process.

Octopus will also contact Avro’s customers to inform them that they will be receiving a warm home discount in 2020. Avro has also predicted that it will need to borrow PS258m in order to survive in March 2022. It has also thrown its weight behind renewable energy, but has struggled to raise the funds to meet its obligations.

According to industry sources, Avro’s credit balances were not unusual. But a special administrator could be appointed to take over Avro’s business. The administrator would have more leeway when it came to pursuing its debts.

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