We Flip Review I Is this auto-switching site any good?

If you’re looking to get a cheaper energy deal, then the likelihood is that you’ve come across We Flip. They’re an energy comparison switcher, which is a bit more involved than just a comparison site – they have an auto switching service. This means that they’ll do the whole thing for you; find you a better deal, flip you over to it, and keep flipping you to the best deal each year based on what’s available.

Although it sounds like it’s pretty perfect for most people, how good and reputable are We Flip? And are they worth your time to use, or should you just find a cheap energy deal yourself? Let’s have a closer look at the company.

We Flip Review

In short, We Flip are a verified and authoritative free service that can definitely help you save money on your energy bills. They’ll continue to automatically switch you to the best service each year, which ensures that if a company were to increase your energy tariff, they’d switch you over to a cheaper one.

And actually, there are various other services that offer a similar service, like Look After My Bills and BillBuddy. As of 2021, WeFlip have actually been acquired by Look After My Bills. This can only be a good thing for potential users, as LAMB have a pretty good reputation all-round.

Who are We Flip?

You may or may not have heard of We Flip, but you’ve more than likely heard of their parent company. They’re actually a subsidiary of the powerhouse comparison marketplace Go Compare – yes, the one with the annoying opera singer in the ads. With more and more companies popping up to help lower your energy costs, it’s no surprise that a big comparison site wanted to get in on the action, and We Flip was launched a few years ago now back in 2018.

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They’re actually powered by EnergyLinx, which is another part of the Go Compare company. They also own Look After My Bills too, which has become one of the most popular energy comparison services after they featured on Dragon’s Den back in 2018 too.

We Flip will compare over 80 different potential energy suppliers that might be the best option for you. Of course, much of this will depend on where abouts in the country you’re located – for example, Octopus might be best for you if you’re in London, but SSE might have a better rate if you’re a few hours North in the Midlands.

One thing to think about when using an energy switching service like WeFlip or LAMB is the exit fees that may be part of your current contract. This is something that no switching company can really help with, as when you sign over to a new supplier, you’ll still be liable for these fees. So, check your current contract to make sure that it’s not worth waiting until it expires.

We Flip Pricing

The whole point of We Flip is that you sit back and do pretty much nothing, whilst they find you a better deal on your energy. If they can find you a cheaper deal than your current energy supplier, then they’ll automatically do this for you. They’ll continue to do this every year as long as you stay signed up with them.

The good thing about this is that it actually ends up costing you nothing extra than if you were to do this yourself. They make their money by being an affiliate for these energy companies, so the company itself will give them a small fee for switching to them – this won’t end up costing you any extra than it would if you done this yourself.

They also only take the same percentages from all energy suppliers, which ensures that there’s no favouritism in the company, and they’re not just sending you to whoever pays them the most. Sounds pretty fair to me.

Can I use We Flip if I have a smart meter?

Yes, you can definitely still use We Flip if you use a smart meter at home. The majority of companies out there and tariffs will be compatible with your smart meter. If they’re not, then you may have to manually send your details to your energy company to give them your meter readings.

What is We Flip’s Customer Service like?

If you’re concerned about the customer service of the company, then in most cases it’s going to be pretty good. They have a large team to deal with any issues, so you should be able to find a resolution to any problems you have pretty quickly. If a solid customer service team is really important to you, then it’s definitely worth looking around for the right company that meets your needs.

Are We Flip a good company?

Actually, if you look at the companies reviews on Trust Pilot, then they’re not actually that good. This is quite strange, seeing as they have the same parent company as LAMB, which has excellent reviews. So although the service is a good idea, they haven’t managed to execute it as well with We Flip.

Is it Easy to Switch with We Flip?

If you’re worried about it being difficult to use We Flip, then the good news is that it’s really very simple. All you need to do is give We Flip your details, and they’ll do pretty much everything else. They’ll flip your energy each year to whichever is the best, cost efficient option for you.

Can I stop using We Flip?

If you’re not happy with the service, then it’s very easy for you to stop using We Flip whenever you want to. This won’t actually cancel your energy contract, which will run to the end of it’s yearly contract. Then, you’ll be able to switch to another energy provider if you want to.


I can’t say I approve the use of the ever annoying Janet Street Porter in the adverts for the company. But aside from that, there’s nothing wrong with getting a comparison with We Flip and seeing if they can beat your current energy rate.

They’re the perfect choice for those who can’t really be bothered exploring the market and finding the cheapest deal, as they do all of that for you. In fact, you’d probably struggle to find a better deal with hours of research yourself! So, if you’re looking for the best energy deal, then it could be worth using We Flip to find out which supplier can offer it to you.

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