Boost Energy Review | A good choice for PAYG customers?

Aside from maybe Utilita Energy, there aren’t that many suppliers out there that specialize in Pay As You Go energy. This is surprising, as there’s always demand for PAYG energy from landlords and other occasional residents. One supplier that does specialise in this type of energy is Boost, who use a smart PAYG system that enables you to top up your energy very easily.

But are Boost any good as an energy firm, or should you look at opting for a brand that is more trusted? Well, we’re going to take a quick look at the company and whether you should consider them when looking at energy suppliers.

Boost Energy Review

Overall, Boost Power actually aren’t a bad energy provider to choose if you’re looking to reduce your energy bills. They have a pay as you go system which is a little different to your average energy tariff, but for some people with low energy consumption, this will be ideal.

Another thing to note about Boost Power is that they offer a no exit fees policy, which means if you want to switch over to another supplier, then you can. Many other energy companies have decided to go with this approach, and as well as keeping things competitive with the rest of the market, it’s better for the customer too.

But this doesn’t give us much of a background about Boost Power and where they’ve come from, so we’ll take a look at the brand a little closer.

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Who Are Boost?

Although you might not be aware of it, Boost are actually an offshoot of the much larger company, OVO. OVO were one of the biggest suppliers outside of the big six, but as of 2020 they actually acquired all of the retail customers of giant SSE. This catapulted them into the second largest energy supplier around, though we’re not sure what this means for the future of Boost.

Boost Energy Pricing & Tariffs

The good thing about Boost is that they offer relatively good tariffs for those looking for Pay as you go options. There aren’t many other companies out there that offer this sort of tariff, which is slightly different than the norm.

The difference is that Boost won’t charge to the daily standing charge that most energy suppliers charge all year round. Although the standing charge might not seem like a lot, it does definitely add up – with an average of 20p+ a day being charged, in most cases this can add up to anywhere between £75-90 of standing charges throughout the year.

Of course, this will generally end up being a little more expensive for the days that you do need the electricity, as Boost have higher than average rates compared to brands like Octopus and Bulb. But if you’re looking for a pay as you go option for a second home, or maybe for a tenant rental property, then Boosts’ Smart PAYG tariff will likely be a good fit.

Is Boost Energy cheap?

If we’re comparing Boost to other Pay As You Go providers, then Boost are actually pretty cheap. But if you’re comparing them to energy suppliers in general, then they’re going to be a little more expensive over the course of a year. This is because they charge a higher rate to offset the cost of the standing charge, which they don’t impose on clients.

How does Boost work?

If you sign up to the Boost Smart PAYG system, then this works very simply. You can download an app on your phone, and you can use this to add cash to your Boost account, which is then used as energy. it’s very simple and straightforward, so it often proves to be the best option for those who want a straightforward process.

Is Boost a good energy supplier?

Generally when we’re looking to see whether an energy supplier is good or not, the best thing that you can do is head over to their Trustpilot account. They have a rating of 4 out of 5 starts, which means that they’re pretty reliable. This is also the case for the parent brand OVO, though their newly acquired SSE customers don’t rate the company as highly. So, they have a little work to do there!

Is Boost the same as OVO?

Boost are basically the sister brand of the massive energy company OVO, which has been created to specifically fill the need of PAYG energy customers. They have a similar set up, with smart meters being included in your new energy deal.

What is Emergency Boost?

As a gesture of goodwill, if you can’t currently top up your energy then Boost will give you a £30 limit of free emergency credit, which can be used at any time.


All in all, Boost are one of the best options if you’re looking for pay as you go energy. This is a bit of a niche market, and if you’re looking for general energy for your home all year round, then I’d advise that you look at their parent company instead of them. But for those looking for an easy top up energy solution, then Boost might be one of the best out there.

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